Bringing Your Kids to Church

Scot McKnight directs some gracious words to people who bring their kids to church:

When you are here, the church is filled with a joyful noise. When you are here, the Body of Christ is more fully present. When you are here, we are reminded that this worship thing we do isn’t about bible study or personal, quiet contemplation but coming together to worship as a community where all are welcome, where we share in the Word and Sacrament together. When you are here, I have hope that these pews won’t be empty in 10 years when your kids are old enough to sit quietly and behave in worship. I know that they are learning how and why we worship now, before it’s too late. They are learning that worship is important.

Shine, Jesus, … uh, uh, uh…

What do you do when the multimedia presentation gets out of sync with the worship songs? Jon Acuff investigates and lays out your options:

You look up to belt out the next verse of “Blessed Be Your Name” and you’ve got nothing. The screen is blank. There are no words. This has happened to me a number of times at church over the years and these are only 4 possible things you can do in the audience:

Read the whole thing. (In fact, I recommend you bookmark his blog. Start with his in-depth exploration of the burning question “Wondering Why Christian Bands Break Up.”)