Lesbian Clergywoman Cleared of Charges by Highest PCUSA Commission

From the Christian Post:

The highest commission of Presbyterian Church (USA) has cleared a clergywoman of charges that she violated church law when she opted to marry her partner in 2009.

Well. I guess that settles it then. Nothing to see here, folks. Move along.

Sigh. (Note the date of the marriage: at that time the “Fidelity and Chastity” clause was still church law.)

Calvin began with just two notes of the church: the proclamation of the Word and celebration of the Sacraments. Later, he sort of reconsidered and sort of added discipline. This is why.

Accordingly, as the saving doctrine of Christ is the soul of the church, so does discipline serve as its sinews, through which the members of the body hold together, each in its own place. Therefore, all who desire to remove discipline or to hinder its restoration–whether they do this deliberately or out of ignorance–are surely contributing to the ultimate dissolution of the church. (Institutes IV.12.1)