More PC(USA) Departures

Close on the heels of the departure of First Presbyterian Church of Colorado Springs, a pair of Mississippi congregations voted to leave the PC(USA).

It’s interesting that 10-A isn’t the (stated) reason for the churches’ departure. The article is probably right in saying 10-A was “the final straw” for many, but these Mississippi churches claimed the real issue was theological differences:

“In a recent survey, almost 60 percent of PC(USA) pastors could not affirm the fact that Christ is the only way to salvation,” said Mitchell.

“How can we possibly continue to have a witness to the world when the pastors or a particular denomination can’t even affirm one of the most basic principles in Scripture?”

I’d say that’s the foundational question: how do we interpret Scripture, and what kind of authority does it have? Certainly 10-A is downstream from there.

10A Repercussions in Colorado

CNS reports that Colorado’s largest PC(USA) congregation is leaving the denomination:

Of the 1,769 congregants of the 4,000-strong church present for the vote, 1,689 members voted in favor of dismissal from PC(USA) to join the recently created Evangelical Covenant Order of Presbyterians.

I don’t know the Colorado Springs congregation (my Presbytery of care was Plains and Peaks) but it wouldn’t surprise me if several more Colorado churches were going through a discernment process about leaving the denomination.