G.A. Moderator Neal Presa

PC(USA) moderator Neal Presa participated in the fall meeting of Yukon Presbytery, and the following recordings were made during his presentations:

Neal Presa

Friday morning breakout session.

Friday afternoon G.A. Moderator’s report, Part 1: Initial remarks.

Friday afternoon G.A. Moderator’s report, Part 2: Questions and answers.

Neal Presa

Saturday morning sermon during worship.

Administrative technical notice: because of how the sessions were recorded, the questions cannot be heard during the Friday breakout and moderator’s report segments, but oftentimes, they can be inferred from the answer.

Incident at Anchorage First Presbyterian

Some of you may have heard about an incident this past week at First Presbyterian Church in Anchorage where a native Alaskan was (reportedly) turned away. That isn’t what actually happened, according to the people involved. They have issued a joint statement explaining what happened, which I’ve excerpted below:

The Facebook posting which led people to believe that the First Presbyterian Church of Anchorage engages in discrimination against Alaskan Natives, or people of any other nationality or ethnicity, needs to be corrected. It was a misunderstanding. … this member of First Presbyterian Church intended to be helpful…. First Presbyterian Church of Anchorage truly wishes to encourage effective ministry and fellowship among all peoples. Everyone is welcome.

You can read the full statement at Curt’s blog.

(If this incident touched a nerve in you, by the way, you may also be interested in Curt’s reports on the Gambell mission our Presbytery undertook back in March.)