Like many smaller churches, we have few paid staff: Pastor Luke, his Administrative Assistant Ashley, our custodian Raphael, and several Sunday-morning childcare workers. Everything else in the church happens because of volunteers.

Celia Koelsch is our Music Director, assisted by Donna De Lancey, our pianist, and the praise band: Patrick Carney, Janelle Wight, and Iris Jones.

Celia does double duty as Director of Christian Education. Sunday School teachers include Edmund Ausman, Jim Doughty, Joy Potts, Lounette Crum, Margo Jones, Launne Ankney, Curt Schafer, and Pastor Luke.

Our bylaws establish two permanent committees: a board of elected Elders, called Council, that sets the direction of the Church, and another elected body that oversees relations between the staff and members of the congregation, which is imaginatively called the Staff-Parish Relations Committee. Various other committees handle Worship and Music, Christian Education, and Mission and Outreach.

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