Martin Keeps It Real

Martin Luther had his down days too:

“I sit here at ease, hardened and unfeeling—alas! praying little, grieving little for the Church of God, burning rather in the fierce fires of my untamed flesh. It comes to this: I should be afire in the spirit; in reality I am afire in the flesh, with lust, laziness, idleness, sleepiness. It is perhaps because you have all ceased praying for me that God has turned away from me…. For the last eight days I have written nothing, nor prayed nor studied, partly from self-indulgence, partly from another vexatious handicap [constipation and piles]…. I really cannot stand it any longer…. Pray for me, I beg you, for in my seclusion here I am submerged in sins” (E.G. Rupp and Benjamin Drewery, eds, Martin Luther: Documents of Modern History, pp. 72-73).

How’s that for a thought: “I sit here hardened and unfeeling … perhaps because you all have ceased praying for me.” Wouldn’t it be great to know there were people praying for your prayer life?

Something to think about as Pastor Appreciation Month draws to a close. (See also this: How Rick Warren’s Health Crisis Can Help Your Church.)

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