A survey of the fastest-growing Presbyterian churches shows they have lots of outreach vehicles. (Well, the article said “tentacles,” but I’m not comfortable with that image!)

One way these churches reach out is really reaching in to the congregation to communicate with members and to get people involved as members. They do that by using their websites and offering new member classes.

The fastest-growing congregations reach out to guests by offering multiple worship services and even starting new ones, among other things.

They also reach out to people in need by offering emergency relief, sponsoring mission trips, and allowing community groups to use their facilities.

A lot of those should sound familiar. Jewel Lake Parish is acting a lot like the fastest-growing churches in our denomination. What if it works?

Have you given any thought to who God might be bringing to us? What needs do they have? What gifts do they bring? What could we do with their help?

Take a look at the survey. I’d love to hear your thoughts!

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